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We Deliver High Quality Custom Software and Consulting

Landers Consulting, Inc. excels at designing and building custom software. We can successfully plan, lead, and execute your software development projects. We specialize in software architecture and design, and web design and development. LCI's experience spans all aspects of software development, from the user interface to the database. We deliver these services on time and as expected.

Why Work With Us?

There are lots of companies in the marketplace offering similar services. Landers Consulting, Inc. is not like any of them. Here's why...

  • Experience - Our Lead Architect has 15+ years of experience in the software industry. He has worked in big and small companies, and in many different industries - eCommerce, telecommunications, healthcare, and online marketing to name a few. This breadth of experience allows LCI to quickly find the right solution for your business problem.
  • Communication - Some companies and consultants can only talk with technical people. Others can only talk with non-technical people. LCI can do both. We can work with the business team to understand exactly what needs to be done. And then we can work with the technical team to make sure that everything gets done the right way.
  • Honesty - LCI doesn't have any salespeople. We don't achieve success by exaggerating what we can do or by making promises that we can't keep. Instead, LCI's success is defined by being upfront and honest and finding the right solution for each customer.


Landers Consulting, Inc. specializes in developing software for the Java platform. We believe in using the tools and technologies that best solve the customer's problem and that best fit with the customer's existing infrastructure. Here's a quick summary of the technologies that we utilize...

  • Java / J2EE Architecture and Development - Our Lead Architect is a Certified Enterprise Architect for the Java Platform. He has many years of experience with Java and its major components and frameworks.
  • Web Standards - Web development is another of our specialties. LCI creates web sites and applications that adhere to internet best practices. This makes your web site more accessible to the many browsers and users on the internet. Adherence to these standards makes your site easier to index and can improve your search rankings.
  • Open Source Software - Many of today's best software products are built by the open source community. LCI utilizes these best of breed products to save you money and to provide you with the best possible solution.

Want to Hear More?

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